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L'EAU D'ISSEY is not a fragrance like any other, it first takes you unawares, and then the comforting softness and familiarity work their magic. In 2016, we are breathing new life into L'EAU D'ISSEY by opening the second chapter of its story.

The source of L'EAU D'ISSEY is one drop, a single drop.
Rare and precious.
A water that is born, then flows peacefully.
Transparent and yet deep; fluid and yet enveloping,
L'EAU D'ISSEY PURE is full of contrasts.

On sale nationwide from July 27 (Wed)

LI_2016jul20_01.jpg【L'EAU D'ISSEY PURE】
Incarnated by the salty sea breeze of Maritima* combined with Ambergris, L'EAU D'ISSEY PURE derives from a new aquatic story. Maritima*, an exclusive IFF molecule, evokes cool clear waters, while Ambergris, with its mineral and animal inflections, brings sensuality and breadth to the fragrance. A floral bouquet sparkles, as if floating on a wide expanse of sea. Crystalline Lily-of-the-Valley responds to the brightness of Orange Blossom. Plunge into their delicate white trail. Then come other, denser flowers. Essence of Rose Damascena once again imbibed with the morning dew from when it was picked, brings with it opulent Jasmine in a heady explosion of petals. The ocean crossing continues. In the base notes, the call of Cashmeran* rings out, with musky and woody resonance. (Eau de Parfums 30mL / 50mL / 90mL)

*Maritime, Cashmeran: IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.) captive

Dominique Ropion

Born in Paris, France. From a young age, possessed an outstanding sense of smell and familiarity with the culture of perfumes through his mother and grandfather who worked in the perfume industry, building a unique world view through his olfactory sense. After obtaining his bachelor's degree, he learned chemical refining at the Roure company with a view to becoming an engineer, but having been admitted at the perfumer training school of that company in Grasse in the south of France, he followed the path of the perfumer. In the early 1980s, at the age of 27, a creation of his became a big hit and launched his fame as a star perfumer. After working at a number of perfume companies, joined International Flavor and Fragrances Inc. (IFF) in Paris in 2000, and went on to win the 2008 International Perfume Award, and be inducted into the French Order of Arts and Letters. In a career spanning more than 30 years, has worked on close to 100 perfumes, demonstrating extraordinary discernment with regard to the quality of raw materials worthy of a skilled perfumer expert in the characteristics and features of scents. His expert choice of effective scents and materials led to “NUIT D'ISSEY,” released in 2014, and “NUIT D'ISSEY PARFUM,” released in 2015.

The new season AUTUMN WINTER 2016 has started.



On July 1 (Fri), the new AUTUMN WINTER 2016 season will commence.

We will be CLOSED on June 30 (Tue)
to prepare the display of our new collection.


The traveler who sets out into the immeasurable world of Making Things
ventures into unexplored galaxies in search of new stars.
BEYOND - to pursue as yet unseen and unknown beauty
created from A Piece Of Cloth.

This series uses a fabric featuring simple stripes that is shrunk to produce swirls through the use of 3D steam stretch weaving technology, resulting in a striking visual effect reminiscent of black holes.

Circular pleats stoles whose beautiful colors overlap like the light of a prism.


This season, ISSEY MIYAKE MEN places man in the wilderness. The nomadic way of life and of the constant struggles with nature's elements - wind, snow, ice and rain - man learnt to rely on his instincts to survive in a harsh environment. Drawing upon these human instincts, the Autumn Winter 2016 collection identifies a new sense of elegance and comfort in creating a relaxed sophistication. By using rough natural materials combined with refined fibers, dusty colors touched with vivid ones, warm clothes with sporty silhouettes, simple cheerful knits, this collection expresses the desire of contemporary man to return to the primal feeling of life.

ELT_G_2016jun24_ME.jpg【CUT JACQUARD】
A setup series featuring an abstracted horseshoe pattern produced in a cut Jacquard weave. These shirts are made using cotton blended with polyester to achieve a natural feel, quick drying, and crease resistance.


Utsuwa, vessel, is an implement that enriches our daily lives with beauty and taste.
Colors that change according to the climate at the pottery and the glazes used.
The texture of clay with painting that exudes a feeling of warmth.
This collection expresses the thoughts we experience from touch and sight,
with the added perspective of PLEATS PLEASE.

A series that uses as its motif the striking color scheme of traditional Japanese ushinoto-yaki pottery. These items are distinguished by the relaxed silhouette produced by the flowing sleeves and hem.

Bangles that use as their motif the striking color scheme of traditional Japanese ushinoto-yaki pottery.

Scarves in vivid summery colors.


The new colors of July. The Monthly Color Series now features a new tunic-length cutsew.

ISSEY MIYAKE WATCH: New Series “C” to Appear, Designed by Ichiro Iwasaki


For its 14th series, the ISSEY MIYAKE WATCH Project offered Ichiro Iwasaki, a professional equipment designer, the challenge of squarely taking on the chronograph design. Trying to achieve a quality watch in a conventional style but with a beautiful face, he sought a high level of readability through delicate numerals and markers.


Ichiro Iwasaki

Born in Tokyo in 1965. He started his career at Sony Design Center, afterwards moved to Italy and worked at several design studios in Milan. After returned to Japan, in 1995 he set up IWASAKI DESIGN STUDIO in Tokyo. Since its founding, he has been collaborated with manufacturers both within and outside Japan, and involved in highly versatile product designs ranging from stationaries, household goods, tableware, furniture, lighting and electronic devices such as digital cameras and mobile phones. He has been awarded a large number of major international awards, including Japan's Good Design Award・Gold, iF Design Award・Gold and German Design award・Winner. 

New Items for JUNE


ELT_G_2016may25_IM.jpg【EARTH PLEATS】
A gorgeous pleats series with expansive representations of the earth or the moon. The rounded, planet-like silhouette takes on a variety of expressions as it billows with the air that passes through the sleeves.

Pleats stoles with an EARTH PLEATS pattern.


ELT_G_2016may25_ME.jpg【CLR KNIT】
Short-sleeved knit T-shirt perfect for a casual yet classy summer look. This item, which combines a natural texture with a good hold, will keep you feeling fresh and cool. The colorful pockets provide a pop accent.

Shirts with a unique texture made of a strongly twisted linen chambray fabric. The colorful palette of colors heralds the arrival of summer.


A bold print series featuring unglazed pottery motifs.


The new colors of June. New colors offering freshness for the height of summer.

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