AUTUMN WINTER 2016 Collection

On March 4 (Fri), ISSEY MIYAKE announced its AUTUMN WINTER 2016 Collection at the Tuileries Palace in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.
This collection was inspired by the great vastness of the universe, based on the theme “BEYOND” and expressed the beauty born from a piece of cloth with the “Baked Stretch” and “3D Steam Stretch” technique. This collection will appear in shops in early July 2016.

IM_2016mar05_01.jpg IM_2016mar05_02.jpg

PRISM × “Baked Stretch”
The second version of “Baked Stretch,” a process by which cloth is printed with a special glue and expanded by heat to create free flowing pleats. In this series, colorful prism patterns are echoed on cloth baked with geometric lines and printed in multiple colors. Concentric circles are baked and overlapped creating strong, pleated graphic patterns.

IM_2016mar05_03.jpg IM_2016mar05_04.jpg IM_2016mar05_05.jpg IM_2016mar05_06.jpg

OPTICAL × “3D Steam Stretch”
“3D Steam Stretch,” which uses steam to shrink cloth, is presented in ever richer variations. Extra thick, colorful chenille yarn is blended into the fabric to create the warm texture of this series. A Piece Of Cloth is pleated at different angles creating unique twisted forms when steam is applied. From flat two-dimensional circles, come dynamic spiral shapes. Winding pleats create an optical illusion using simple stripes shrunken into curves. These striking three-dimensional forms create undulating patterns and forms.





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Issey Miyake debuted his first collection in New York in 1971 and began participating in Paris Fashion Week from 1973. His unique concept of clothing as “A Piece Of Cloth” was widely acclaimed throughout the world from the very beginning. An inexhaustible explorer, he has continued to open up new horizons for making clothes through research, experimentation and development while reimagining the relationship between the human body and clothing.
With a resolute determination of moving ever forward, Miyake has brought forth several epoch-making outcomes, including original pleated pieces from 1989, which would later develop into PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE, and the basic idea and process of A-POC in 1997, this time in collaboration with Dai Fujiwara, which would soon evolve into a design solution called A-POC INSIDE which was incorporated into the ISSEY MIYAKE collections as well as in all other brands owned by the ISSEY MIYAKE group.

Placing a high value on fostering various human resources and innovative technologies in the industry since the foundation of the brand, Miyake's spirit of making things has been passed on to a new generation of designers, past and present.
It is Yoshiyuki Miyamae and his team of designers at the helm of the ISSEY MIYAKE Women's collection since the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection.

They are taking on further challenges with fresh eyes and new ideas, while combining the traditional techniques of Japan with new technologies.

Short Movie “A-POC INSIDE”