HaaT: “Heart in HaaT” Textile Exhibition

From August 31 (Sun) to September 8 (Mon), HaaT held a special exhibition focusing on textiles created in Japan.


Since its start in 2000, HaaT has continued to focus on "made in Japan," developing Japanese techniques hand-in-hand with local manufacturers, and putting them to use in new, fun clothing of today.

These textiles were born by adding a brand-original perspective to Japanese materials and superimposing ingenuity to bring about comfort and lightness. For this special exhibition, we carefully selected clothes and accessories from an archive spanning 15 years, introducing the techniques. Also on display are items embedded with images of dew and water droplets that invite visitors to the microcosmic world of textiles and fashion. They create a space that not only inspires people interested in fashion and materials, but also offers new discoveries for people who are currently studying in this field.


Location: LA COLLEZIONE Minami Aoyama 3F, 6-1-3 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku Tokyo