HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE presents new daily wear for the modern man, originating from the development of pleats by Issey Miyake and his Reality Lab. team. Designed for men, the brand uses a thicker fabric as the base material, which absorbs perspiration rapidly to keep the body cool and dry. The pleats are engineered with a constant width and regular spacing, providing a breathable fabric for maximum comfort. Manufactured using the Product Pleats process, the fabric is only pleated after the garment is sewn. This results in very distinctive light weight garments providing comfort, ease of movement, easy maintenance and excellent portability. HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE proposes to its wearers the discovery of a more active and more comfortable modern style.

Launched in November 2013 at the REALITY LAB. ISSEY MIYAKE flagship store in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, the brand quickly followed at ELTTOB TEP ISSEY MIYAKE / GINZA, SEMBA and the Shibuya PARCO stores. HOMMES PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE will launch in our flagship stores in Paris, London and New York.


This is HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE's popular standard series, which offers high functionality and lightness regardless of the season. The various pieces are designed with fabrics featuring loosely spaced vertical pleats, so as to prevent close contact of the fabric with the skin, forming highly comfortable modern everyday wear items suitable for all lifestyles. The twelve-item lineup consists of 9 tops and 3 bottoms in five colors: Light Gray, Charcoal Gray, Black, Khaki and Navy.

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In July 2013, HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE produced the original costumes for a performance by the Aomori University Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Team presented by Issey Miyake at the Yoyogi National Stadium. It was an extremely valuable experience for our designers to study not only the comfort and the functionality of the garment, but also how its form could wrap the body simply and with dignity.
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In 2014, whilst keeping a constant focus on the dialogue between the clothing and the body, we turned our attention to the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira. We studied how to make clothes that could accommodate the extreme physical burdens of capoeira - such as the unique footwork and the turning movements that only highly skilled athletes are capable of performing. Also inspired by Africa, from where Capoeira originates, we developed motifs expressing exotic contrasts of dynamic colors, hand-printed prints, and ragged forms, achieved using the technique of ultrasonic pressing. These vivid and dynamic clothes were inspired by the performances of bold capoeira artists.

A combat sport with a unique technique that spread historically among the people of Brazil as a martial art – Capoeira involves two ‘opponents’ who apply pressure to drive each other to the limits of their breathing and timing without physically attacking each other. It is positioned somewhere midway between a combat sport and a dance. The origins of capoeira are unclear in many respects, but it is said that it has been initially developed in the early 16th century and heavily influenced by cultural elements from Africa.
While drawing on traditional African roots, capoeira today is a definitive Brazilian martial art that exerts a strong influence on the country’s culture and lifestyle. For example, capoeira is often performed to musical accompaniment from traditional instruments such as the berimbaus and the pandeiros, and the basic step of samba was developed from capoeira’s basic movement known as ‘ginga’.



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