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Introducing Items “TYPE-A Ikki Kobayashi edition”

The items will be available on Friday, February 3.

TYPE-A Ikki Kobayashi edition

TYPE-A Ikki Kobayashi edition

From the non-sewn knit series "TYPE-A"* by A-POC, we will start selling the "TYPE-A Ikki Kobayashi edition" worked on with graphic designer Ikki Kobayashi. Five powerful "arabesque" graphic patterns designed by Kobayashi were printed using TYPE-A as a canvas. “Arabesque" patterns are generally finely detailed. However, the items this time are characterized by their dynamic, beautiful prints featuring harmony of the organic curves and blank space that make up the pattern, based on the concept of “the smallest unit of arabesque pattern.” The flat form of TYPE-A and the graphic expression of Kobayashi, who specializes in the exploration of flat forms, are joined with great affinity. Please enjoy the new TYPE-A, in which the black arabesque patterns are featured quietly but with a solid presence on the colorful knitwear.

  • Clothing made by cutting from tube-shaped knit fabric, which has been continuously evolving since the creation of A-POC. The cuffs and hem lines are resistant to fraying even when cut, and can be designed into your preferred style by cutting them with scissors.
TYPE-A Ikki Kobayashi edition

Lineup (number of styles): Short-sleeve Top (1), Long-sleeve Top (1)

Colors: Light Gray, Coral Pink, Brown, Yellow Green, Blue, Navy

  • Some stores in Japan might require advance reservations to prevent congestion. Please click here for details.

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