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2017∙09∙13 | me ISSEY MIYAKE

Launch of Special MIMI YOKOO "SERVAL CAT" Website

On Sunday, October 1st, the MIMI YOKOO “SERVAL CAT” series will be launched.


The series offers a glimpse into the intricate, lively world of colors created by artist Mimi Yokoo.
This special me ISSEY MIYAKE collection began when we saw two pieces of art depicting the strong yet charming serval cat.
The power of these vivid, sparkling pieces has been translated into clothes that will add fun and color to your life.

Launch of Special Website

A special website for the MINI YOKOO "SERVAL CAT" series has been launched. As a prelude to the series, an animation has been published on the site as the main visual.
Click the link below to view the website.