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2017∙12∙22 | ISSEY MIYAKE MEN


The new season will begin in ISSEY MIYAKE MEN stores throughout Japan in January.


SPRING SUMMER 2018 -Through the Desert-

This season's collection is inspired by the concept of "Through the Desert". When you're in a harsh desert environment with no water in sight and only your own wits to rely on, your clothes have got to be comfortable. This collection represents a resilient man traveling through a vast, scorching desert, stopping to rest only when the stars come out, on a journey to a destination far off in the distance.


A series with cotton on both sides, providing a relaxed texture. This series focuses once again on this brand's most iconic textile, which has been used since the 70s, and elevates it to a new style. The products are dyed to give the coloring depth.
Lineup: 2 jackets, 2 shirts and 2 pairs of pants
Colors: Jackets and pants: Dark Brown, Black / Shirts: Black, Charcoal Gray, White

Start of New Season

Saturday, January 6th
Starts from Tuesday, January 9th in Mitsukoshi and Isetan group stores.