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2018∙02∙01 | ISSEY MIYAKE

SPRING SUMMER 2018 Season Site

A season site for SPRING SUMMER 2018 Collection has been launched.


The blowing of the wind arouses Nostalgic recollections never before seen.
The landscape that one finds now, Is a fragment of proof of what once long ago nurtured us all.
Just as rain returns to the sky and then falls to earth again, The present is equally a part of the past.
The fault lines of the earth, a chain of knowledge, keep questioning us expressing our respect for nature’s great dignity.


The great mysteries of nature, created over eons by our planet.
The inspirations of SPRING SUMMER 2018 collection are the memories of the landscapes of Iceland, as experienced by the design team.
Great clefts in a harsh landscape, igneous rock covered in moss gleaming in the rays of the sun, and crystal-clear glaciers stretching as far as the eye can see.