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2018∙06∙29 | Gallery

KURA Exhibition “Uchiwa Fans”

The KURA Gallery of ISSEY MIYAKE KYOTO, the place connects and communicates with people and cultures from east and west, presents KURA Exhibition “Uchiwa Fans”.

ISSEY MIYAKE KYOTO “KURA Exhibition: Uchiwa Fans”
ISSEY MIYAKE KYOTO “KURA Exhibition: Uchiwa Fans”
ISSEY MIYAKE KYOTO “KURA Exhibition: Uchiwa Fans”

The exhibition includes a film on the process by which uchiwa fans are made.

ISSEY MIYAKE KYOTO “KURA Exhibition: Uchiwa Fans”
(film: On Crafting Uchiwa Fans by Noriaki Okamoto, courtesy of Kyo-Uchiwa Aiba)

KURA Exhibition “Uchiwa Fans”

The project began when ISSEY MIYAKE KYOTO asked Kyo-Uchiwa Aiba to make an uchiwa fan featuring the store's logo. Located on Yanaginobanba Street, the same street as ISSEY MIYAKE KYOTO, Aiba has handcrafted uchiwa fans with a traditional yet creative approach since 1689 - that's 329 years.

“Kyo-uchiwa” is a type of uchiwa fan made by the sashie (handle insertion) technique, where the face and handle of the fan are made separately and joined together by inserting the handle into the face. Aiba refined this technique to develop a new type of uchiwa fan called sukashi-uchiwa (see-through uchiwa fan) by cutting out patterns and arranging them on both sides of the face. This merging of traditional practices with new ideas resonated strongly with ISSEY MIYAKE.

KURA Exhibition: Uchiwa Fan presents the work of Aiba, the store that has lived through many changes with the city of Kyoto for more than three centuries, alongside uchiwa fans with patterns designed in honor of the wondrous painter of the mid Edo era Jakuchu Ito by art director Katsumi Asaba, who designed the ISSEY MIYAKE store logo.

Fri, Jun 29 - Tue, Aug 28
604-8112 89 Tsuchiyacho, Sanjo-sagaru, Yanaginobanba-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Kyo-uchiwa fans in 5 patterns will be sold in the following stores from mid-July.


  • We carry a limited number of uchiwa fans. The sale ends once the stock is sold out.