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2018∙10∙22 | me ISSEY MIYAKE

Popup store in MoMA Design Store Kyoto
for a limited time

A me ISSEY MIYAKE popup store will be launched for a limited time in MoMA Design Store Kyoto. The store will  be opened on Saturday, October 27th.

TRUNK PLEATS BAG (1 model, 21 colors)
TRUNK PLEATS BAG (1 model, 21 colors)

The store features the popular canvas TRUNK PLEATS BAG. With a rainbow of vivid colors, choosing your favorite color is a joy in itself. The straight lines and unique handle shape are inspired by the trunks of trees. When items are placed inside, the pleats expand, creating a variety of shapes.


Period: Sat, Oct 27 - Wed, Nov 21
Venie: MoMA Design Store Kyoto
Opening Hours: 11:00 - 21:00