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2019∙01∙16 | ISSEY MIYAKE MEN

Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day Gift

Our recommended Valentine’s Day gift from ISSEY MIYAKE MEN will become available from Thursday, January 17th. If you buy a pair of socks during the period until Valentine’s Day, you will receive a bundle in a special handkerchief evoking a furoshiki wrapping cloth containing Japanese sweets. Instead of the standard chocolate, how about giving your special someone a Japanese-style gift with zero calories and no preservatives?


There will also be a pair of socks with a three-dimensional checkered pattern with Japanese traditional colors. You can choose from three colors that match the hues of the handkerchief.

Colors: Purple, Orange, Khaki


Period: Thu, Jan 17 - Thu, Feb 14


Available during campaign period at ISSEY MIYAKE MEN stores throughout Japan and at the following stores.