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2019∙01∙29 | ISSEY MIYAKE


The new season will begin in ISSEY MIYAKE stores throughout Japan on Friday, February 1st.

Traces of Hands

The history of mankind has been made by hands.
Hands that gained freedom through evolution, learning to gather food, make tools, and grow crops.
These hands learned to offer prayers, shake hands, draw pictures, and decorate themselves.
And still today, peoples’ hands seek further freedom.

Cloth too, seeks freedom.
Hands have been weaving, sewing, and giving new shape to cloth.
Yet, what if we could play with the shape more freely as if kneading dough or molding clay?
ISSEY MIYAKE’s new challenge makes that possible.
A free and flexible cloth that invites the hands to play, DOUGH DOUGH.
A new history commences carved out with your hands.



Roll up, stretch out, or distort the neck, sleeves, hem, and more… The new material “DOUGH DOUGH” was created with shape memory so you can change the shape of the clothes to your liking just like kneading dough.

This series lets you enjoy arranging yourself playfully just like you change your hairstyle and makeup everyday. A diverse lineup is being introduced, from the top that you can freely style with your outfit of the day to the special dress and jumpsuit.

Lineup: 2 tops, 1 jacket, 1 dress, 1 jumpsuit and 2 pairs of pants
Colors: White, Black, Pink, Green