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2019∙06∙06 | Corporate

“YOJI KURI's Crazy House”

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT “YOJI KURI's Crazy House”

Yoji Kuri is an artist who has been superhumanly creating an ever-growing oeuvre, including over 800 pieces of animation, 3,000 drawings, and more than 100,000 pages of manga, since his first exhibition in 1956. Many of his works portray surreal fantasy worlds filled with humor, which have never failed to surprise and please the viewers.

In addition to the animation pieces currently shown in the exhibition "SENSE OF HUMOR" in Gallery 1&2, Gallery 3 will delightedly introduce his latest drawings to further expands the imaginative world of Yoji Kuri, who has recently turned 91-years-old.


For details, please visit the 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT website.