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Instalment 2 of New Visual Series: FOREST

On Friday, August 23rd, a series of vividly mushrooms and rhinoceros beetles made from PLEATS PLEASE fabric will appear in PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE / AOYAMA.

Instalment 2 of New Visual Series: FOREST
Instalment 2 of New Visual Series: FOREST

Visual Concept

This year’s theme for PLEATS PLEASE is “FOREST”. Forests are places that produce life. Diverse plants and animals have a connection with one another and also support the global environment.

Also, mysterious happenings occur one after the other in forests. You can suddenly encounter prettily-colored plants or discover a beautiful insect. It is said that there are many living things inhabiting forests that have humans have yet to encounter. By making fascinating forests the theme, images emerge of ladybugs and undiscovered insects.

If you think of cities as forests where various people and things gather, your perspective will probably change slightly. It is hoped that wearing PLEATS PLEASE will awaken a usually dormant happy sensibility within you, if even just a little.


Taku Satoh, Graphic Designer