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2019∙08∙30 | Gallery

SEITARO KURODA “Fount of Creativity”

A new creation space is now open at ISSEY MIYAKE SEMBA.

To celebrate its opening, we are pleased to invite illustrator Seitaro Kuroda to hold a “fount of creativity” open studio.

SEITARO KURODA “Fount of Creativity”

Facing the bay and crisscrossed by rivers, Osaka is a city that grew up with its feet in the water. Semba is a district in Osaka that once prospered as an important strategic waypoint for ships and boats. Here, the ISSEY MIYAKE SEMBA store acknowledges the history and developed the store concept of “water”. The aim is for visitors to experience spontaneous inspiration and new ideas for the future of creativity, making this a space that is truly a “fount of creativity”.


In the open studio, Seitaro Kuroda will be freely inspired by the venue, creating an impromptu and exciting space. Customers visiting during the open studio will be able to participate in creating art, be it line drawings or color painting. This experiment epitomizes the store concept, “fount of creativity”.

SEITARO KURODA “Fount of Creativity”
SEITARO KURODA “Fount of Creativity”

Lending itself to the loation of Semba, the space also exhibits Seitaro Kuroda's paintings done in the past with boat motifs, and features an acrylic sculpture he created in homage to Shiro Kuramata, the design force behind many of ISSEY MIYAKE stores in the early days.

SEITARO KURODA “Fount of Creativity”

Open studio
Sat, Aug 31 - Fri, Sep 6
13:00 - 18:00*
The finished artworks will be displayed in the venue, even after the open studio period ends.


Live painting
Sat, Sep 7 14:00 - approx. 30 mins
In a musical session, Seitaro Kuroda will paint to the beat of drums.
Drums. Tatsuya Nakamura


4-11-28 Minamisemba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0081

  • The artist may take breaks between sessions.