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2020∙01∙15 | ISSEY MIYAKE MEN

Valentine’s Day Gift

An original gift for Valentine’s Day will be released from Thursday, January 16th.



Lineup: 1 pair of socks

Colors: Pink, Black, Navy


For the period until Friday, February 14th, all purchases of ISSEY MIYAKE MEN socks will be given to customers wrapped in Valentine’s Day-only “HANA” fabric.


Flowers are given as gifts to special people. ISSEY MIYAKE MEN used a pattern inspired by ancient Japanese flowers on its fabric to express special feelings. The fabric wrapping, handprinted by artisans in Kyoto, is available in three colors that match the new sock colors. There will also be a selection of jackets and shirts in the same print at stores.

Give your special someone a Valentine’s Day gift of colorful, expressive socks wrapped in “HANA” (flowers).

Period: Thu, Jan 16 - Fri, Feb 14

During the period, all ISSEY MIYAKE MEN socks can be wrapped. 


ISSEY MIYAKE MEN stores throughout Japan