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“ROKU” feature in the brand site's COLUMN section

An article about the “ROKU” designer, Konstantin Grcic, is now available on COLUMN of ISSEY MIYAKE WATCH website.


“ROKU draws upon the correlation between two geometries: a hexagon and a circle. The six-sided watch case relates to the 12 hours chronometry. The round dial resembles the circular movement of time. Two strong shapes that interplay with each other. Just like the notion of time: The continuous passing of hours/minutes/seconds on the one hand, the punctuation of certain events on the other. Once the principle geometry had been established, the design went through a long process of refinement. A watch needs thorough attention to detail – not only because of its small scale. I wanted ROKU to become a precision tool, a real time keeping device.”

Konstantin Grcic explains.




Please click the link below to read the rest of the interview.