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2021∙04∙21 | ISSEY MIYAKE EYES



“ELEMENT SERIES III” will be released, characterized by its television cut in which the inner rims of the sunglasses are diagonally hollowed out. The dynamic shape evoking old cathode-ray tube televisions is created through skillful cutting and polishing. This technique makes transparent lines appear between the frame front and the lens. The spring hinges structure makes it easy to take on and off the sunglasses and the lenses with UV protection on both sides protect the eyes and skin.

On sale from Wednesday, April 28th.


The company’s headquarters is located in Sabae City in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, a region distinguished for its sophisticated eyewear production techniques at the highest level in the world. With its own factory BACKSTAGE and its chain of directly managed stores KANEKO GANKYO, the company gets involved in everything from the planning and designing to the production and sales of eyewear, while assuring quality of products. Its “CRAFTSMAN SERIES”, a collection of glasses each of which bears the name of an author-craftsperson, is receiving high acclaim as a work to pass down traditional eyewear techniques to the present day.