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“ELLIPSE” featured in the brand site's COLUMN section

An article about the “ELLIPSE” designer, Naoto Fukasawa, is now available on the “COLUMN” section of ISSEY MIYAKE WATCH website.

“ELLIPSE” featured in the brand site's COLUMN section

Naoto Fukasawa’s designs are often referred to as “supernormal.” In his recent book, “Normal”, he writes, “Normal is the contour of a line connecting dots scattered through everyday life. ‘That’s just normal,’ ‘That’s not normal,’ ‘Isn’t that too normal?’ I think the principle of normality is an abstract outline that is implicitly shared by everyone who thinks, feels, or sees things that way. I want to focus closely and clearly on that seemingly vague, small or medium-sized outline,” Naoto Fukasawa explains.




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