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2021∙11∙29 | IM MEN

Introducing Items “KITE”

The items will be available on Wednesday, December 1.



A series featuring a bold diamond-shaped pattern with a kite motif, woven with the cut jacquard technique that brings out the look of the material. It is characterized by its simple design made from a flat structure, and can be folded, rolled up, and buttoned at the loop on the back collar for compact storage. The lightweight, wrinkle-resistant fabric features a material containing recycled fibers with a pattern woven from cotton thread, and is made using an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process.

Lineup (number of styles): jacket (1), and coat (1)

Colors: Black, Beige

  • Some stores will require advance reservations to prevent congestion for up to 3 days following the release date of new products. Please click here for details on applicable stores and how to reserve.

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