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Special exhibition “TIME 25 WATCHES BY 12 DESIGNERS”

The special exhibition “Time: 25 Watches by 12 Designers” will be held at some stores in Minamiaoyama, Tokyo.

Special exhibition “TIME 25 WATCHES BY 12 DESIGNERS”

Since the launch of the ISSEY MIYAKE WATCH Project in 2001, we have continued to ask what it means to have a watch.

The common value that we and the 12 designers have reached is that one does not simply wear a watch to know the time. Each ISSEY MIYAKE WATCH, created with the concept of “freedom and creativity,” is imbued with its own story composed by each designer. The total of 25 series of watches, completed by adding the designers’ unique interpretations and techniques to the brand's inspiration, can be said to be lifestyle accessories with 25 stories.

Please enjoy this special exhibition exploring the 20 years of time in which we have been continuously pursuing new values and possibilities.