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2022∙03∙24 | IM MEN

Introducing Items “AIR” 

The items will be available on Friday, April 1.



A series characterized by its silhouette enabling ease of movement that is so lightweight, you will not even feel you are wearing it. Hollow thread polyester and plant-derived recycled polyester are used to create the wrinkle-resistant textile. It is designed with a formal style that can also be worn in a relaxed way, and offers everyday wear for any situation, from work to relaxation.

Lineup (number of styles): Blazer (1), Shirt-jacket (1), Wide Pants (1), Straight Pants (1)

Colors: Light Gray, Olive Drab, Dark Navy

  • Some stores in Japan might require advance reservations to prevent congestion. Please click here for details.

IM MEN shares the latest images and information about the brand on its official instagram. Please visit @im_men_official.