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2017∙08∙16 | Corporate

“Wild: Untamed Mind”

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT will hold an exhibition entitled "Wild: Untamed Mind," from Friday, October 20th. Shinichi Nakazawa, a philosopher and anthropologist will be the Exhibition Director. Nakazawa is known for fieldwork-based, interdisciplinary research into various places and times.


Director's Message
In this day and age, we all live in the same world, have the same experiences and dream the same dreams at night, but deep inside us is a part of our hearts that remains unmanaged, untamed. My fellow creators and I decided to call that our "wild side".

If we cannot access this wild side, it is impossible to discover or create anything new, no matter what the field.

How can we access the wild side inside of us? How can we make a path to that side of ourselves? Finding our way to our wild side in our lives and work is the theme of Wild.

Shinichi Nakazawa