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2022∙04∙08 | ISSEY MIYAKE

Introducing Items “SPONGY”

The items will be available on Friday, April 15. 



A series of knits with abundant appearances that expand and shrink like a sponge. It is made from cotton-polyester for softness, and can be washed in water without wrinkling. The material, which is made from zigzag stitching and strong twisted thread, looks compact at first glance, but when worn, it transforms to have a silhouette that fits the body well. The items are available in one size that leverages the unique characteristics of the material. There is a full range of items and colors that are easy to use in daily life.

Lineup (number of styles): Tops (3), Skirt (1), Pants (2), Jackets (3), Dresses (2)*

Colors: White, Black, Light Beige, Purple*

  • Some items and the Light Beige are only available at ISSEY MIYAKE ONLINE STORE.


A series of bags made from the same material as SPONGY. The bags are lightweight and compact, yet change shape when you put items in them. A small shoulder bag and two types of tote bags with different designs and sizes are available.

Lineup (number of styles): Shoulder Bag (1), Tote Bags (2)

Colors: Black, White, Purple, Turquoise Green


From Friday, April 15 to Saturday, April 30, ISSEY MIYAKE / AOYAMA will exhibit visuals from the SPONGY series captured by the photographer piczo.

  • Some stores in Japan might require advance reservations to prevent congestion. Please click here for details.

ISSEY MIYAKE shares the latest images and information about the brand on its official instagram. Please visit @isseymiyakeofficial.