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2022∙04∙11 | ISSEY MIYAKE EYES

Introducing Items “BONE SERIES VIII”


The BONE SERIES VIII features basic models that easily fit anyone’s face, focusing on the three leading shapes of eyeglasses, Boston, Round and Wellington. The lenses are clear when indoors, then darken to shades when in the bright outdoors, seamlessly reacting to the UV light. 


On sale from Friday, April 15.

  • Some stores in Japan might require advance reservations to prevent congestion. Please click here for details.

ISSEY MIYAKE EYES shares the latest images and information about the brand on its official instagram. Please visit @isseymiyakeeyes.


The company’s headquarters is located in Sabae City in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, a region distinguished for its sophisticated eyewear production techniques at the highest level in the world. With its own factory BACKSTAGE and its chain of directly managed stores KANEKO GANKYO, the company gets involved in everything from the planning and designing to the production and sales of eyewear, while assuring quality of products. Its “CRAFTSMAN SERIES”, a collection of glasses each of which bears the name of an author-craftsperson, is receiving high acclaim as a work to pass down traditional eyewear techniques to the present day.