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Introducing Items “TYPE-S”

The items will be available on Saturday, October 1.



A lightweight series perfect for everyday life featuring a mixed weave of partially plant-derived polyester as well as cotton and polyester thread. The material is wrinkle-resistant and can be worn year-round. There are accordion pleats made with the “Steam Stretch” technique at the waist and other areas that create a design with both beautiful lines and stretchiness when worn. The items are available in two subdued autumnal colors, Dark Green and Light Brown. Starting this season, all buttons of the TYPE-S series are made using NAGORI™ (*), a new material produced by Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. This material aims to utilize marine minerals contained in concentrated water that is disposed of around the world. It has excellent natural antibacterial and antiviral properties, and offers a unique texture and feel like ceramics or natural stone.

  • NAGORI™ is a new material developed by Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. that is made by mixing seawater-derived minerals with organic substances as its main ingredient. It is said that more than two billion people around the world do not have access to safely managed water, and projects to convert seawater into fresh water are underway globally. On the other hand, the concentrated water generated in the process of desalination is disposed of as-is into the ocean, leading to the loss of coral and fishing grounds. This has become a social issue in recent years. Currently, NAGORI™ is made using seawater from the Seto Inland Sea, but the aim is to utilize the large amount of marine minerals contained in the concentrated water that is disposed of around the world in the future. The name NAGORI comes from the Japanese term nagori used by people in ancient times to refer to the faint aftereffect of things passing before one's eyes, such as a seashell or a piece of coral, left behind after waves recede. NAGORI™ is also a precious material left behind by the waves. It has the same workability as plastic, but has a nice texture and feel like ceramics or natural stone, thermal conductivity, and natural antibacterial and antiviral properties derived from marine minerals.

Lineup (number of styles): Jacket (1), Tapered Pants (1), Blazer (1), Cropped Pants (1)

Colors: Dark Green, Light Brown

  • Some stores in Japan might require advance reservations to prevent congestion. Please click here for details.

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