IM-102icon: im-102

IM-103icon: im-103

Photo of IM-102 IM-103
Photo of IM-102 IM-103 Shot from above

Photo: Henry Leutwyler


An elegant form made of two circles and a line

Issey Miyake has released the new models IM-102 and IM-103 which succeeds iconic features of the model IM-101 series re-produced two years ago. An eye-brow bar which is going straight horizontally across two pairs of circle-shaped lenses makes the models unique look. Rimless round-shaped lenses bring out gentle and elegant impressions and on the other hand, squared-shaped lenses create stylish appearance and atmosphere. At first glance, they may look too modern or too striking, but they can fit in with anyone regardless of the person’s race, gender and age. The sizes, shapes and colors are designed to make that come true.


DETAIL 1Eye-brow bar

A light eye-brow bar made of titanium is straightly connected with each right and left temples on both sides of the frame with the least joints and it makes a straight stream-like line as if it acrosses the frame. That straight and stream-like eye-brow bar is made by the special pressing technique which makes hollowed parts where the sun-lenses fit to the eye-brow bar tightly. All these makes every parts look fit perfectly. This design eliminates wastes as much as possible and pursues the ultimate simplicity.

DETAIL 2Mono-block hinge

In the usual way, the hinge part is brazed to the temples, but new models of IM-102 and 103 introduce a highly technical and fined structure. The both ends of the eye-brow bar are cut in in their inner sides and the end of the temples is processed like the hinge and are joined them together by a single screw. That structure gets the frame stronger and more elegant and more consistent appearance.

DETAIL 3Titanium-bridge

A titanium bridge-part is made of a single titanium part, so it is light and tough. And this bridge part is processed by the special thermal technology, it becomes flexible and can be adjusted the width between the right and left bridge arms and make it fit in anyone’s nose.

DETAIL 4Nylon lenses

The new models IM-102 and 103 have nylon lenses which are well known as very light and strong with high transparency and little distortion that enables you to get more comfortable eye sight. Lens reflection effects on nearly flat lenses (2 base-curves) give modern and stylish impression. Anti-reflective coating is given on the back sides of the lenses to secure a clear sight.