ISSEY MIYAKE EYES PROJECT was launched in the fall of 2015 in collaboration with Kaneko Optical Co., Ltd. The first collection focused on a simple single line, as if created with a single brush stroke. The shape and form of a beautiful metal frame served as the “backbone” to these eyewear products. Inspired by “a piece of cloth,” a concept from where ISSEY MIYAKE originated, the items were launched as new products that are both delicate and powerful.

In contrast to the stoicism of the first collection that emphasized a simple single line, the BONE SERIES II centers around the concept, “playing with colors.” Close attentions are paid to shape, color and size, in order to bring a unisex balance that can work with anyone, regardless of age or sex.
Craftsmanship at Kaneko Optical Co., Ttd. helped to achieve the thinness of the β-titanium frame, while acetate front adds beautiful color and glossiness to harmonize the two materials with richness of expression. As a result of this unique structure, depending on the color variation, the wearer can see one color in the front of the frame and a different color in the back.

Each new models, HEXAGON II, PENTAGON II, WELLINGTON II and BOSTON II, is available with four different color frames. Each style can be coordinated with optimal color lenses to turn eyeglasses into even more attractive and colorful sunglasses. And so, a new series has been completed, equipped with both unique colors and basic functionality.



The front portion has a double-material structure, with acetate, carved out to a maximum thickness of 3.7 mm and a minimum thickness of 2.3 mm, being supported from the back by 0.6 mm-thick β-titanium. The texture of two different materials creates an interesting contrast, adding not only beautiful hues but also depth and an airy, floating image. Although slim in form, the front part offers outstanding durability and a comfortable fit, thanks to the use of lightweight and durable β-titanium. The beautiful seam that connects two different materials represents a level of precision required of all combination frames.

DETAIL 2Temple

A beautiful frame designed like a “backbone” that supports the eyewear—this is the underlying concept of the BONE SERIES. The elegant triangular shape of the temple-end served as the icon for the inaugural series, and was used once again for the current series. By adding a twist to the thin, pliant line, the temple’s root portion offers a solid sense of support, while the temple-end ensures a flexible and comfortable fit. The frame’s curve, created with an elaborate temple bending process, is a detail that symbolizes “beauty of use” that ISSEY MIYAKE EYES seeks to realize.

DETAIL 3Titanium nose pad

To further enhance the thinness and fineness of components made of acetate, pure titanium is chosen for the nose pad. This material helps the products to establish a classical look. Since this material is nickel-free, it is gentle to the skin. People can wear it without worrying about the product causing allergic reactions or skin irritations.
Titanium nose pad

DETAIL 4Gradient mirror lens

Gradient mirror lens
Some color lenses used for sunglasses feature revo mirror lenses treated with multilayered coating. The lenses’ color variations, made possible with new technology, are important design elements for ISSEY MIYAKE.