The Combination Frame series is introduced as the second phase of BONE SERIES III. It features a minimalistic design, where the delicate frame, which is the series’ signature, blends smoothly and elegantly with the rim and lens that are composed of different colors to convey a feeling of transparency. The unique light, airy expression and the clean, simple frame make the glasses look natural on the wearer’s face and match a wide range of occasions.



The acetate part, which is inserted between the rim and the lens is shaved down to 2 mm thickness so that it is level with the depth of the rim. Not only is the form seamless, but glossy color and clarity are also enhanced. The acetate is made of plant fibers produced from cotton and high-purity pulp as the primary material. This design is a modern and stylish reinterpretation of a classic frame.


The rim which trims the acetate inlay is molded using special tools and techniques. This design is made possible solely thanks to KANEKO OPTICAL CO. LTD., a company reputed for their outstanding eyeglass manufacturing technology. A simple, clean look eliminating unnecessary elements was pursued – such as adopting an integrated monoblock hinge which connects front and temple to the arm. Moreover, because combination frames tend to have more parts, particular attention was paid to achieving a minimal design. The smart shape and carefully selected coloring enable unisex use.