ISSEY MIYAKE EYES PROJECT sees the arrival of its third series, in collaboration with Japanese eyewear manufacturer KANEKO OPTICAL, which debuted in fall 2015 with the BONE SERIES; followed by the introduction of BONE SERIES II in spring 2016. We continue to focus on the beauty of a single line which continues from one temple end through the top rim and bridge to the other temple end, which was also seen in BONE SERIES III.
Just like our passion for “a piece of cloth,” a concept at the heart of the ISSEY MIYAKE brand, we believe that the functionality and appeal of eyewear can also be symbolized with a single line.


DETAIL 1Metal frame

A first in ISSEY MIYAKE EYES collection, the frames in this series are all-titanium metal frames. The style places further emphasis on the “single line” that has been followed by successive series of the collection and continues from the original BONE SERIES, with its strong coloring which emphasized the form. BONE SERIES II, expresses a sense of fun with bright colors; and a new style with a two-tone gradation coated color frame. The baked painting and precious metal plating on titanium make it allergy-free. In addition to the iconic temple design and rim, which appears to be slim from the front yet has significant depth, the colors are reflected, presenting a three-dimensional impression contrasting light and shade while benefiting from the texture of the metal.
Metal frame


By using 2 curve based lenses and not flat lenses which tend to reflect light on the back side, the simple form of the metal frame stands out – a fine detail which produces a modern and functional silhouette while also being easy to use.