The BONE SERIES IV features frames brought to life in three shapes based on a central theme: “GRAPHIC”. The three distinct shapes — Round, Octagon, and Pentagon — are bold iterations of their namesake forms. They represent an expansion of the nature of the traditional BONE SERIES; however, the same characteristic lightweight metal frame and thin, stylishly shaven and inserted inner rim are still present. Exquisitely combined with medium-size colored lenses, each impression differs dramatically depending on the shape. This series lets you enjoy a rich array of graphic looks.



The outer rim, which forms the bold and graphic front, employs ultrafine pure titanium wire, 0.8 X 1.8 mm in thickness, inserted an acetate inner rim shaved down to a level of the depth of the outer rim. The technology for this type of inner rim is said to have been invented in the 18th century by a British toolmaker to protect the lenses; however, recent advanced technology allows an even thinner and lighter finishing.

DETAIL 2End Piece

The end pieces on both sides of the front are the vital parts to connect the metal outer rim and the temples. Normally, several parts are often soldered together, but here the rim-lock and hinge mechanism are made as monoblock part. This is one of the most difficult production methods, but the simple integrated structure is excellent in strength and design.
End Piece

DETAIL 3Temple Tip

The twisted temples with their elegant, sophisticated, fabric-like finishing are iconic symbols of the BONE SERIES, and each piece is carefully finished by hand to the highest level of precision. Leaving the shape of this metal intact, the tip of each temple-end is tucked into a cover made of polyamide called “TROGAMID”, further improving the softness and comfort. This original technology took one year to be put into practice.
Temple Tip