What eyewear shape will appeal most to people today? This simple question was the starting point for the design of “BONE SERIES V”. A wide range of eyewear styles have enjoyed a moment in the spotlight over the years, from the medium sized eyewear of the '80s to the half rims of the '90s and from the delicate antique styles to the traditional lens shape. The design process for the new BONE SERIES began by reinterpreting the spirits of those designs and redesigning each of the parts. The result was a design that evokes nostalgia, yet is modern and unlike any other past eyewear style. A new medium-sized series was born with delicate half rims and hand-painted detailing on top.


DETAIL 1Hybrid titanium

A hybrid titanium three times as strong as pure titanium is used for the eye-rims, the most important part of the half rim shape.
Full use has been made of the material’s characteristics such as its durability and lightness, creating a rim line just 0.8mm thick and 2.2mm deep. Pure titanium is used for the end pieces as rigidity is the highest priority. The highest quality materials have been used for each part of the BONE SERIES V to make them comfortable to wear for a long time.

DETAIL 2Baked acrylic resin coating

A baked acrylic resin coating adds an accent detail to the delicate lines of the eye-rims. The acrylic resin is hand-applied to each piece by skillful craftsmen and then finished by baking.
The rich colors with a subtle sheen coordinate well with the metal parts of the eye-rims.

DETAIL 3New “One Bone” temple

BONE SERIES V features twisted temples which is the signature design for each incarnation of BONE SERIES. In BONE SERIES V, the temples are finer than ever before, with a delicate front structure, balancing flexibility and durability that provides greater comfort. The golden ratio is used to achieve both comfort and beauty.