“BONE SERIES VI”, a model rich in expression with a voluminous–shape front, was released. It features a distinct line that runs along the contour of the front frame. An even sharper line is emphasized by pasting together two different-color materials in a special processing. The series include a model whose sharp contrasts make the expressions stand out, and a basic model using similar colors for a unified look.


DETAIL 1High-precision acetate thermocompression bonding

The biggest characteristic of the designs of BONE SERIES VI is its outline, drawn with a material having a thickness of only 0.8 mm. The material is cut into a shape that makes it easy to run along the contour of the front part, and fitted in. An adhesive agent and thermocompression bonding are then used to create a smooth, seamless finish. The texture thus produced is something not possible with coating. This thermocompression bonding itself has been employed with existing products including eyewear. However, such high level of precision that it creates this beautiful finish with delicate and complicated shape, is truly unprecedented. This design has been made possible only with acetate material made in Japan that boasts a minimum of aging deterioration such as bending and shrinking.
High-precision acetate thermocompression bonding

DETAIL 2High-performance silicone nose pads

Instead of “hanamori” fitting often seen with acetate frames, we adopt an arm-style nose-pad fitting that is more comfortable and stable. Air has been injected into the pads, made of silicone that is much softer to skin. The arm uses a beta-titanium wire material that is excellent in durability and flexibility, and lightweight to guarantee an even softer feel. Even after wearing for a long time, you will never feel fatigue or have unattractive mounting marks. It realizes both a clean, beautiful impression and a comfortable wear feeling for the user.
High-performance silicone nose pads

DETAIL 3Flash mirrored color lenses

Flash mirrored color lenses, whose color changes depending on the angle, play a major role in expressing a playful spirit with coloring. By combining them with a frame whose sharp outline creates a cool, clean look, the eyewear emphasizes a modern and sporty image. These are lenses having outstanding functionality, such as application of hard coating to protect the surface from scratching, and AR coating on the back side to reduce reflected glares.
Flash mirrored color lenses