BONE SERIES VII features frames cut out from “a single sheet” (of beta-titanium). The fine materials and the coloring of the metallic surfaces, which changes according to the angle, create an expressive look. The glasses wear very lightly on the face due to the superb fit. The aim of the simply designed, ultra-thin 0.6mm beta-titanium sheet was to create frames that would naturally fit all wearers.


DETAIL 1Sheet metal

An ultra-thin 0.6mm beta-titanium sheet is cut by laser, with bending of parts such as the temples and nose pad arms, all from a single sheet of beta-titanium. The bridge, which creates a textured look, is twisted by hand using a special jig. The iconic temples, which cleave to the tradition of series past, match superbly.
High-precision acetate thermocompression bonding

DETAIL 2Anodized coating

A top-secret anodized coating changes its hue according to the tilt. With the beta titanium as an anode, electrical current is passed through an electrolyte solution, creating a clear coating. By controlling the voltage, the coating thickness is changed at the nano level to generate diverse coloration. Even frames of the same color code do not all have exactly the same coloration, stimulating the desire to own a pair.
High-performance silicone nose pads

DETAIL 3Nylon color lens

Thin, light. The snug fit of the elegant form is the brand concept of ISSEY MIYAKE EYES. In BONE SERIES Ⅶ, 0.6mm-thick beta-titanium sheet metal combines with nylon color lenses that are indestructible and ultralight, coordinated with the calming, dark-color lenses. The insides of the lenses are finished with antireflective coating.
Flash mirrored color lenses