The second installment of the ELEMENT SERIES acetate-front sunglasses. This time, a different color is used for each of the three main elements of the sunglasses – the front, temples and tips – with soft tinting and accents in cheerful spring and summer colors. The second incarnation keeps the pure titanium plate temples that gently wrap the face with an R shape, creating a bold geometric lens shape at the front. A strong impression with a striking shape and volume is the new ELEMENT SERIES.


DETAIL 1Lenses

The second ELEMENT SERIES is made with curved mirror-like lenses in dynamic geometric shapes. The lenses reflect and diffuse light, using a special coating to keep out UV rays. These sunglasses protect the eyes not only from UV rays that enter from the front, but also from rays reflected off the back of the lenses from behind, blocking over 95% of UV rays.
Bicolor base material

DETAIL 2Metal-plate temple

The pure titanium metal temples are combined with the richly expressive acetate front. Exuding a powerful presence, the wide, gently arched temple has been developed from a metallic mold to ensure a close fit with the side of the face. This is a detail made possible by the unique technology of Kaneko Optical, a Japanese eyewear manufacturer that aims to provide the ultimate in wearing comfort.
Metal-plate temple

DETAIL 3Temple tip

The temple tip that touches the back of the wearer’s ears uses acetate in the same material as the front. The L-shaped cut that connects the temple with the temple tip serves to minimize the gap created due to the shrinkage of acetate. The end of the temple tip, which is rounded by a technique known as “shinomigaeshi” has a form inherited from the BONE SERIES. This design enables the eyewear to be put on and removed smoothly.
Temple tip