HaaT is a brand conceived from textile.
It aims to create comfortable materials,
by superimposing ingenuity to bring aesthetically pleasing,
lighter, and more natural textures.

HaaT is named out of a threefold play on words with different meanings.
The first is 'HaaT' which means 'village market' in Sanskrit - symbolizing a collection
that includes a diverse range of techniques, textiles and aesthetics.
The second is 'Heart' - a reference to the creativity and ingenuity used to impart a warm,
heartfelt, human touch to textiles. The third - 'Haath' is the Sanskrit word for 'hands'
and conveys the subtle nuances that arise from the collaboration
between design emanating from Japan, and the craftsmanship from India.
HaaT's creative director is Makiko Minagawa,
who made her mark as textile director for
ISSEY MIYAKE from the company's inception.
Simply stated, the HaaT brand offers clothing and accessories
that intimately convey the warmth of the artisan's hand
with the assurance of everlasting enjoyment.

For people who face themselves.

Diagram of haat brand concept. Three Hearts: HaaT(Market), HEART (Made in Japan, heart) and HAATH (Made in India, hand)