In 2016, we will release a series of products featuring motifs of works by Ikko Tanaka, a renowned graphic designer who had a major impact on the history of design around the world.

Ikko Tanaka and Issey Miyake met in the 1960s and maintained a deep connection and enduring friendship. It is with respect to Tanaka’s works and a gratitude to subsequent ideas that led to the birth of this series.

Three works out of Tanaka’s many masterpieces were selected as motifs: Nihon Buyo (1981), The 200th anniversary of Sharaku (1995), and Variations of Bold Symbols (1992).

Existing examples of the original works were considered, and their size and colors were faithfully replicated in the production of this series. But the objective was not to use these works simply as motifs; rather, that vibrant clothing full of energy should be created to intensify the vision of Tanaka’s work by the wearing a three-dimensional format.

Thus, the movement of the wearer breathes new life into the graphics presented in the form of the original works without cutting or trimming.

What appears here is authentic Japanese beauty showing strength without pretense.
At this first release of the series, we propose special clothing that communicates an opportunity for people to bond in the setting of a modern tea ceremony.

Ikko Tanaka developed radical ideas to create fresh works drawn by hand in an age without computers. We wish people to recognize his works and the ideal form of designs. This series shines a light and opens up a pathway to the future.

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