We will release the fifth volume of the IKKO TANAKA ISSEY MIYAKE collection featuring motifs from the works of Ikko Tanaka, the renowned graphic designer.
The series was launched in 2016 as an expression of Issey Miyake’s respect for Tanaka’s works and gratitude for all that they have inspired.

By carefully selecting materials suitable for each work and faithfully replicating the motifs and colors, we express the worldview of Tanaka’s works as clothing, and continue to make pieces that highlight the inherent happiness and liveliness of the wearer.
The motifs this time were selected from the Botanical Garden Series. Trying to convey through clothing the free feeling of enjoyment of Tanaka’s works, expressing various imaginative plants, we created coats and dresses not only using pleated material, but also cotton, to express a silhouette that makes the wearer seem as if they were wearing the wind.

Tanaka was relentless in his pursuit of new value. By expressing his bold and powerful works in the form of clothing, we strive to communicate how the joys of design should be enjoyed far and wide.
IKKO TANAKA ISSEY MIYAKE is the embodiment of Issey Miyake’s everlasting thoughts such as these.

Botanical Garden Series 1990

These works were exhibited in the “Ikko Tanaka Exhibition: Graphic Art Botanical Garden” solo exhibition held in 1990. The plants expressed through straight lines and colors were not born from sketching. As Tanaka himself stated, “I combined paper scraps cut with a sharp knife with the same feeling as a child freely drawing,” the plants are a collage of colored paper scraps. Mixed in with lilies and Japanese irises is an imaginary flower humorously named “shitadashiso” (tongue out grass). Its form made from a sharp outline and simple colors convey the vitality of the plant.

Iris : C 1990
1. Iris : C 1990
"Togatta Kaben : C"  1990
2. "Togatta Kaben : C"  
Lily : C  1990
3. Lily : C  1990
Lily : M 1990
4. Lily : M 1990
"Shitadashiso : C"  1990
5. "Shitadashiso : C"  

1~5. ©Ikko Tanaka /licensed by DNPartcom