“New T-shirts for the 21st Century” is the basic concept of me ISSEY MIYAKE that continues today since 2000 when it made a debut. Light and compact, fun and easy-to-care, the “clothes for tomorrow” was created by using original materials and newly developed unique techniques. Gaining legions of fans, the brand now marks its 20th year.
Pleating in both vertical and horizontal directions, weaving polyester into cotton in a special way, and knitting soft yarns on the skin. The one-size-fits-all clothes come in a variety of original colors and prints. me ISSEY MIYAKE will continue to bring fun and freedom of wearing for the future.


Whether you wear them while physically active or not, me ISSEY MIYAKE’s clothes are fun and comfortable to wear. One of the iconic series from the start of the brand, “STRETCH PLEATS” is characterized by vivid colors and fun prints. Marking its 20th year, the original 11 print patterns are selected and reproduced from the archive as “LIMITED EDITION 01/02” series which will be available for a limited time respectively.
The 01 series, will feature SPACEMAN (2007), ARCHITECTS (2014) and 4 other prints, while 02 series, will feature 5 prints including ARAN KNIT (2006) and CROSSING (2014). Please rediscover and enjoy “STRETCH PLEATS” together with bags and stoles with the same reproduced prints.