Mimi Yokoo Profile

1994: “Tadanori & Mimi YOKOO exhibition” at Space Yui in Tokyo
1995: Held her first solo exhibition, “Mimi YOKOO Exhibition,” at Space Yui
1997: Published Santai no Kami no Monogatari (The Story of Three Gods) through HOLP SHUPPAN, Publishing
2000: Contributed four patterns to the PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE Spring/Summer 2000/Millennium collection
2004: Published a story, “Furikake,” in the October issue of Younger Children’s Companion through FUKUINKAN SHOTEN PUBLISHERS,INC.
2006: Published her first collection, Mimi Yokoo Collection 1993-2006, through SEIGENSHA ART PUBLISHING
2007: Held the “Mimi YOKOO Exhibition” at the Nantenshi Gallery in Tokyo
2010: Held the “Couleur Ressuscitee exhibition” at the Nantenshi Gallery
2014: Held the “Mimi YOKOO Exhibition” at the Nantensha Gallery
Published Mimi Yokoo Collection through Geijutsu Shinbunsha
Held and participated in many other solo and group exhibitions