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2018∙04∙02 | Corporate

Exhibition by Masahiko Sato “My first me” in MILAN

佐藤雅彦ディレクション「My first me」展

Exhibition by Masahiko Sato
“My First Me: Know yourself like never before”

Creating clothes that transcend the notions of nationality and boundaries, based on the concept of “A Piece Of Cloth” ISSEY MIYAKE continues to explore new possibilities in its creation across diverse disciplines. In 2017, ISSEY MIYAKE opened a shop in Milan—its first base in Italy—delivering messages about the discovery and joy of making things through design.

From April 17th to 22nd, during the period of the Milano Salone 2018, the exhibition directed by Masahito Sato, “My First Me: Know yourself like never before” will be held at ISSEY MIYAKE / MILAN.


While his study focuses on film making, Sato actively works in a wide range of other disciplines.  As his expressive activities explore “new representations of human beings”, he proposes that everyone could experience the unconscious that exists inside his/her consciousness. This experience, as for human recognition and senses, may well lead to the joy of discovering yourself anew in your day-to-day life, namely to become aware of something about yourself that you have never known before.


The exhibition is an iteration of ideas from Sato’s latest book “New Ways of Understanding”; it consists of interactive installations that make use of technology, including Sato’s latest work that induces “sensations that has never been experienced before”, in addition to a variety of film works.


Here at the exhibition people can experience Sato’s work and become aware of “My First Me” along with the joy of creation, which can be something that transcends nationality and race.

Period:Tue, Apr 17 - Sun, Apr 22
Store Hours: 10:00 - 19:00

Masahiko Sato
Photo:Takuji Okada


Masahiko Sato

Professor at Tokyo University of the Arts,
Graduate School of film and New Media


Using his own methods and approaches, Sato’s expansive work covers a variety of disciplines, including research and development in film, animation, and graphic design, as well as research in neuroscience, including expression/representation, with a focus on educational and expressional methodologies.


He is known for developing video game software “Kurushi / intelligent Qube” for PlayStation and planning “Pythagora Switch”, a long-running children’s education program on NHK. In terms of exhibits/installations, he created “Arithmetik Garden” for an exhibition at Mori Art Museum (2007) and directed the exhibition "The Definition of Self" at 21_ 21 DESIGN SIGHT (2010). He is the author of ”An Arbitrary Point P”, “Putting finger” (Bijutsu Shuppan-Sha) , “Pythagora Device; DVD Book” (SHOGAKUKAN Inc.), and “A new way of understanding” (CHUOKORON-SHINSHA,INC).


He has also won numerous awards, including; the highest award from Asahi Advertising Award, Prix Danube (Slovakia), NHK Japan Prize (Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award), and the Gold Prize from New York ADC Award. Mathematical Society of Japan Publication Prize, D&AD Award(Yellow Pencil), Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts (2011), and Medal with Purple Ribbon (2013), The Official Selection of short films for the 67th Festival de Cannes (2014).





Via Bagutta 12, 20121 Milan


ISSEY MIYAKE opened its first flagship store in Italy on March 15 2017, at Via Bagutta 12, in the Quadrilatero district of Milano. Palazzo Reina, an historic building built in 19th century has faithfully restored and was reborn into this store. Approximately 500㎡ in size, this special space was designed by Tokujin Yoshioka.