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2018∙10∙01 | Gallery

KURA Exhibition “Hand and Tech”

The KURA gallery of ISSEY MIYAKE KYOTO presents KURA Exhibition “Hand and Tech”.

ISSEY MIYAKE KYOTO KURA Exhibition: Hand and Tech
ISSEY MIYAKE KYOTO KURA Exhibition: Hand and Tech
ISSEY MIYAKE KYOTO KURA Exhibition: Hand and Tech

KURA Exhibition “Hand and Tech”

Herbal dyeing, a dyeing method using natural pigments such as plant materials, has developed in Kyoto since ancient times. ISSEY MIYAKE creates clothing in collabotation with Kyoto craftsmen who are passing on their herbal dyeing techniques to future generations and developing those techniques further. This exhibition showcases some of those pieces.

The pieces of clothing are made from yarn hand-dyed in traditional Japanese colors, woven according to technology called “A-POC*” which uses computer programming to control the weave, and steamed to shrink with the “Steam Stretch*” technique. This exhibition explores the process by which each piece of clothing is made, from the dyeing of the threads to the finished garments. Exhibits feature natural dyeing materials such as pomegranate, gambier and lac dye, along with items such as blueprints for the weaving process.

It is the integration of HANDicrafts and TECHnology that gives rise to novel creations. By presenting the piece of clothing as an example of such integration, the exhibition conveys how intriguing the making process is.

  • A-POC (A Piece Of Cloth): A technology that uses computer programming to manipulate motions of the threads one by one and produces clothes in a single process.
  • Steam Stretch: A technique that steams and shrinks a fabric with creases woven in it in advance.

Mon, Oct 1 - Mon, Oct 29
604-8112 89 Tsuchiyacho, Sanjo-sagaru, Yanaginobanba-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Tel.+81-75-254-7540