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2019∙07∙01 | Corporate

“Insects: Models for Design.”

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT “Insects: Models for Design.”

From Friday, July 19th, 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT will hold an exhibition entitled “Insects: Models for Design.” Graphic designer Taku Satoh is exhibition director, and Takeshi Yoro, an anatomist known as an insect lover, is exhibition supervisor.


Insects are a reflection of the natural world. Although they are always close to us, many facets of their lives remain unknown. Their richness of color, physiological qualities, structures and habits all offer us unseen worlds barely imagined. Insects have evolved over much longer period than humans, and by observing their diversity we will discover new creative possibilities. This exhibition seeks to view the mysterious world of insects as “models for design.”


Designers, architects, structural engineers and artists will exhibit work inspired by insects. Some have used their tiny skeletal systems to produce artificial objects, others have studied the skillful way they fold their wings and applied this to robots, others again have learned from the structure of larva nest how to generate human architecture. Astonishing ingenuity is found in every aspects of insects, from mouths and eyes to legs. We also found the interesting rules that lie behind the way we named insects through the relationship with them. The exhibition will offer creators and visitors an opportunity to learn from insects and to reconsider their relationships with us.


For details, please visit the 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT website.