ISSEY MIYAKE is embarking on the ISSEY MIYAKE EYES PROJECT to showcase a new eyewear series. The essential design points are: being basic; paying attention to detail for their quality and dignity, and being loved for years to come. It is these fundamental and evident elements for making products that ISSEY MIYAKE carefully strives to establish the standard for tomorrow. And what is required to achieve it is assured skills and an accumulated experience. We are pleased to announce that a prominent Japanese eyewear manufacturer KANEKO OPTICAL identifies with our vision and has agreed to work with us on the new project. Through this collaboration, the project has evolved and we will present the “beauty of use”, bringing zest and zeal to people’s daily lives.


ISSEY MIYAKE’s eyewear products are also engraved with the manufacturer name, KANEKO OPTICAL. In charge of development and production for the project is the partner that designer Yusuke Takahashi himself nominated, and is an eyewear manufacturer that does everything from the planning to the sales of eyewear products.
Takahashi comments, “I am surprised to see how perfectly ISSEY MIYAKE’s respect for domestic, high quality craftsmanship and KANEKO OPTICAL’s strong motivation for product development integrate together. The images and designs that we envisioned are precisely embodied into the products thanks to KANEKO OPTICAL’s own method and accumulated expertise both in design and production of eyewear”.


Kaneko Opticals own factory “BACKATAGE”
The company’s headquarters is located in Sabae City in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, a region distinguished for its sophisticated eyewear production techniques at the highest level in the world. With its own factory BACKSTAGE and its chain of directly managed stores KANEKO GANKYO, the company gets involved in everything from the planning and designing to the production and sales of eyewear, while assuring quality of products. Its “CRAFTSMAN SERIES”, a collection of glasses each of which bears the name of an author-craftsperson, is receiving high acclaim as a work to pass down traditional eyewear techniques to the present day.