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2018∙02∙05 | Corporate

Exhibition “NEW PLANET PHOTO CITY - William Klein and Photographers Living in the 22nd Century -”

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT will hold an exhibition, "NEW PLANET PHOTO CITY - William Klein and Photographers Living in the 22nd Century -" from February 23rd, 2018.

The exhibition director is Toshiharu Ito, the photography critic and art historian. Ito is the author of many books about photos and art and he has also worked on the planning of exhibitions.

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Exhibition

It will soon be two centuries since photography was invented. An astronomical number of photos have been produced in this period of nearly 200 years, along with innovations in technology and networks, drastic changes have occurred in their forms of expression, their production techniques, and the relationship between the creator and the recipient.

Leading 20th century photographer William Klein had a decisive influence on modern visual culture with his expression that went beyond genres such as photography, movies, design and fashion, and his works capturing the cities of the world, including New York, Rome, Moscow, Tokyo, Paris, etc.

In this exhibition, 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT will introduce the city vision of Klein and the Japanese and Asian photographers trying to examine the cities and people of the 21st century with a fresh perspective and greatly transcend the frames of conventional photos. Please take a look at this new adventure in visual communication which attempts to depict the heartbeat of future photo cities toward the 22nd century.

For details, please visit the 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT website.