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Instalment 2 of New Visual Series: SEA

A series featuring the creatures that add vivid colors to the sea will appear in PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE stores throughout Japan from Thursday, June 14th. A range of creatures such as shell and seahorse are made from the PLEATS PLEASE fabric. 

Instalment 1 of New Visual Series: SEA
Instalment 1 of New Visual Series: SEA

Visual Concept

PLEATS PLEASE's theme for this year is “SEA”. A series of sea creatures will appear, starting with an octopus. On Earth, water exists as a liquid and as such we have seas. These are said to be the source of all life. Sea creatures are much less affected by gravity than creatures that live on land, giving rise to truly unique shapes and unbelievable colors. I have long wondered whether I could make something like this from pleats, and now I finally have. Look at these graphics as you try on the pleated pieces and imagine that you are floating under the sea too.

Taku Satoh, Graphic Designer