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2019∙12∙20 | ISSEY MIYAKE

Start of New Season

From Tuesday, January 7th, a new collection by the new designer Satoshi Kondo will appear in ISSEY MIYAKE shops throughout Japan.


- A Sense of Joy -


Something that is intrinsic always feels new.

Like what our body desires, like what our heart feels,

Like how we find the blue in the sea and the sky beautiful,

Like the ease we feel when a breeze caresses our face,

And like the excitement that prompts us to sing and dance.

We are never tired of feelings like these and only wish to experience more,

For the novelty we always find in them.

If we trace back to the origin of clothing, there we would find a simple act

of wrapping ourselves with a piece of cloth, perhaps an inclination to adorn

our body. As we do so we feel a sense of joy that is primitive and instinctive.


Draw, Connect

Overlap, Dye

Swing, Extend

Move, Bounce

Dance, Turn


We find things that are intrinsic in both tradition and innovation:

in the culture of weaving and dyeing practiced in Japan since the old days,

and in the latest manufacturing technologies and materials developed by advanced science.

It is in our interest to look at them with a new perspective,

and by connecting and integrating them we can begin to create clothes that bring us a sense of joy.

It all started from a simple idea of bringing people from different regions

and generations together, different as they are, forming circles and holding hands,

as we all share this joy intrinsic to who we are that is not bound by space and time.



A series that dynamically depicts people holding each other under the sky in a dream. While it has a full feeling of volume, it is characterized by its light comfort with linen-like material. It will be released in three colors evoking the changing sky of Blue, the vivid afterglow; Brown, the rising silhouette at twilight; and Charcoal Gray, vanishing into darkness.

Lineup: 1 vest, 2 coats and 1 pair of pants

Colors: Blue-based, Charcoal Gray-based, Brown-based

Trading Days during the New Year Period




These stores will be open through Monday, December 30th in 2019 and from Thursday, January 2nd in 2020.
The stores will be closed on Monday, January 6th to change out products.



The store will be open through Tuesday, December 31st in 2019 and from Thursday, January 2nd in 2020.
The store will be closed on Monday, January 6th to change out products.