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“U” feature in the brand site's COLUMN section

An article about the “U” designer, Satoshi Wada, is now available on COLUMN of ISSEY MIYAKE WATCH website.

“U” feature in the brand site's COLUMN section

“If I consider the ‘W’ launched in 2012 as Adam, this new series ‘U’ is Eve. The design is unisex and timeless, and I wanted it to broaden the range of time. For example, the roman numerals are used for the indexes, but this isn’t just for the design. These numerals had existed over millennia, since ancient Rome. Using these vintage numerals means that the message from thousands of years ago has passed on to the present day. I wanted to scoop it up, transform it to the modern expression, and impart it to the next era,” Satoshi Wada explains.




Please click the link below to read the rest of the interview.