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The HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE AUTUMN WINTER 2022/23 COLLECTION A WORK OF ARC premiered online on Thursday, January 20.

This collection looks at a tent, as a structure consisting of fabric and a frame, and adapts elements of its construction for clothes-making. The way it engages in making folds and creases like drawing arcs on a pleated canvas gives rise to a new exploration of three-dimensional forms. By experimenting with the fundamentals of making a garment: the way to fold, sew, and pleat a piece of fabric, and studying the relationship between them, the collection develops original silhouettes that surround the body and evoke a presence of a sculpture so lively that it looks like it is about to move.  



ARC is inspired by the form of a tent, when it is held up by curved poles. The folds of large arcs made in the pleated fabric become the structure of the garments, giving a sense of fluidity and roundness. This series features a top and a jacket with arched folds going around the body from the back down to the cuffs, and pants with the folds wrapping around the legs.


BOW is inspired by the natural bow-shape of a tarp stretched over and across a tent. In the form of a garment, a piece of fabric is laid loosely over a silhouette that fits the body, creating the negative space between the fabrics. The three-dimensional construction becomes more apparent when looking at the garment from the side. 


LANTERN is a print series that expresses the light of a lantern glowing through a tent. It is a composite of many delicate pastel drawings depicting the subtlety in the gradient between light and dark tones. The series is available in bold colors that convey a sense of warmth.


Made with fabric woven with elastic yarn in weft, FLIP COAT features a soft and crisp texture in a simple silhouette. The hem can be folded up to the shoulders and fixed with straps, turning the coat into a light, voluminous jacket.


FRAME COAT is a padded outwear series that looks at the making of a tent. The design integrates the framework of a tent into its garment construction that is created with a matte-textured fabric in a tent-inspired color palette. For a different silhouette, the hem can be adjusted by using the drawstrings in the interior.


Available in bright colors, the MONTHLY COLOR SEPTEMBER series features a new coat style inspired by the three-dimensional design of a tent’s fabric. The triangular form creates a loose, voluminous silhouette, created by bringing two adjacent corners of a rectangular piece of fabric towards the center, leaving no folds under the arms.


DECK'N COURT is the fifth series of the shoe project between HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE and WAKOUWA. The low-cut design for this season features thin piping and perforated details on the shoe tongue. The shoes are  available in two colors: white for a clean and simple look and brown for an understated style.

Please click the link below to view all looks of this collection.